Complete sale 1955-1961 Chess sale Singles sale

Complete sale 1955-1961 Chess sale Singles sale

Complete sale 1955-1961 Chess sale Singles sale
Complete sale 1955-1961 Chess sale Singles sale__below


Two CD set. Chuck Berry was one of the key figures in the rock ''n'' roll explosion of the mid-''50s, as musical styles that had been part of R&B and country for a number of years came together in a cross-cultural hothouse fueled by the power of mass media and the rebellious attitudes of the baby boom generation. So distinctive and individual are Chuck''s guitar technique and songwriting style that his hits from that era have become some of the touchstones which characterize the whole genre of rock'' n'' roll. His trademark guitar intros and riffs, and songs like ''Johnny B. Goode'' and ''Roll Over Beethoven'' have become part of the universal language of rock ''n'' roll to the extent that any group of reasonably competent musicians could perform a passable version of them without a rehearsal. Signed to the Chess label on Muddy Waters'' recommendation in 1955, he scored a million seller with his first hit ''Maybellene'', and over the next few years recorded a string of classics, the songs articulating the experiences of teen life and the new consumerism in brilliantly observed lyrics as well as a musical style that combined the best of R&B and country. Even B-sides like ''Round And Round'', ''Reeling And Rocking'' and ''Memphis Tennessee'' have become classics which have been essential elements of many bands repertoire over the years. This set comprises every A &B side released by Chuck during these phenomenal formative years, and it''s a must-have for every true fan of rock'' n'' roll.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Maybellene
2 Wee Wee Hours
3 Thirty Days (To Come Back Home)
4 Together (We Will Always Be)
5 No Money Down
6 The Downbound Train
7 Roll Over Beethoven
8 Drifting Heart
9 Brown Eyed Handsome Man
10 Too Much Monkey Business
11 You Can''t Catch Me
12 Havana Moon
13 School Day
14 (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)
15 Deep Feeling
16 Oh Baby Doll
17 La Jaunda (Español)
18 Rock and Roll Music
19 Blue Feeling
20 Sweet Little Sixteen
21 Reelin'' and Rockin''
22 Johnny B. Goode
23 Around and Around
24 Beautiful Delilah
25 Vacation Time
26 Carol
27 Hey Pedro

Disc: 2

1 Sweet Little Rock ''N'' Roller
2 Joe Joe Gunne
3 Merry Christmas Baby
4 Run Rudolph Run
5 Anthony Boy
6 That''s My Desire
7 Almost Grown
8 Little Queenie
9 Back in the U.S.A
10 Memphis, Tennessee
11 Broken Arrow
12 Childhood Sweetheart
13 Let It Rock
14 Too Pooped to Pop "Casey"
15 Bye Bye Johnny
16 Worried Life Blues
17 I Got to Find My Baby
18 Mad Lad
19 Jaguar and Thunderbird
20 Our Little Rendezvous
21 I''m Talking About You
22 Little Star
23 Come on
24 Go-Go-Go
25 Rock at the Philharmonic
26 Guitar Boogie
27 Route 66

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